Southern Cross and Inner Alchemy

Ely Britto
Senior Instructor Mantak Chia System
President Intertao Taoist Institute
I Ching writer and interpreter

What I will write here came to me by observing the movement of the energy inside and the sky energy during my meditation. I did research on the net to specify the location of the stars and theirs name, but essentially, almost all that you  will read here came to me by meditation. Of course, I cannot give any guarantee that all the information is right, but I feel strongly that most of it is okay with the movement of the energy inside my brain during my Greatest Kan&Li practices. 

In Greatest Kan&Li we work with the seven stars of the Big Deeper, and we associate those stars with the skull bones, the Five Elements, planets and days of the week. We learn how to channel the high energies of those stars to our brain.

Working in the South Hemisphere I found an easier way to channel directly to the glands, (the Crystal Room glands) the purest form of energy coming from the Southern stars.

The Southern Cross is the smallest constellation of the 88 that exist. Its stars are not completely named. There are just 3 big brilliant stars named by astronomers nowadays. They are:

Acrux (Alpha 1 Cru) is the 13th Brightest star in the sky
Becrux (Beta Cru)
Gacrux (Gamma Cru) is the 23th brightest star in the sky

Two stars are not yet named and for me, this is very meaningful (to people who work with energy). We know that almost all the people use more efficiently, three of theirs 5 senses.

1 Gacrux – Crown Point
2 Becrux – Pituitary gland
3 Acrux   – Pineal Gland
4 nameless – Hypothalamus gland
5 nameless – Thymus Gland

The Pineal gland is the compass to connect with heaven energy. The middle of the skull bone, the crown point synchronized to the pineal gland. Look now to the Southern Cross, it shows the celestial pole by using those two stars as a guide, when you follow the line of those two stars you can discover where this south pole is located.

The smallest nameless star (5) that is not located in that ”virtual” Cross, (it is somewhere in a lower position), not so bright as the others, may be the thymus gland, the energetic point of the heart.

Probably,  the Southern Cross don’t have a star showing where its magnetic pole is, because this connection is expected to be build by human spiritual evolution. We must get in touch with that pole, we are not allowed to “see” it in the sky.

If you meditate about this, you will understand why the stars are not representing skull bones but glands and its power to build energy. In this case the stars are showing the circuit, the steps we should follow to synchronize those glands and align them with the heart point using the correct position of the jade pillow. This alignment would lighten up the Crystal palace.

The Hu To ( The map of the Yellow River) probably is representing the result of this alignment.-, the perfect harmony. Isn’t the heart center the last home of the spirit?

In Chinese Philosophy the Hu To is the origin of the I Ching. The legend says that Fu Shi found the Hu To scratched in a ball of metal near the Yellow River. He built the eight kuas following this diagram. Hu To in Chinese means Yellow River and at the same time the Milk Way Galaxy.

Look at the Hu To diagram and compare it with the form of the Southern Cross stars:

In greatest Kan&Li the reversion of fire and water energy is already done. The cauldron is in the brain, the heart fire work below doing the same function of the perineum in the past practices.

Another way to align the Southern Cross stars to the skull bones could be:

Right and left side of the skull

I still feel that if we align the glands to the stars and not the bones,  the energy flows  stronger and faster. By this way, the bones would work as the compass to align the Crystal Palace with the South Pole.

Southern Cross 

Position in the Sky

Named Stars 

The Southern Cross is only visible form sites farther south than 27 degrees north latitude. At the time of Christ, however, it was visible from the latitude of Jerusalem (almost 32 degrees N). Crux points almost due north-south. You follow the line south through Gamma and Alpha Crucis, you will arrive near the South Celestial Pole in the constellation Octans.



Others Names

  • Beta Crucis
  • HR 4853
  • HD 111123


  • RA 12 47 43.2
  • Dec -59 41 19
  • V 1.25
  • B-V -0.23
  • Spectral Type B0.5III



“alpha of Crux”

Other Names

  • Alpha 1 Crucis
  • HR 4730
  • HD 108248


  • RA 12 26 35.9
  • Dec -63 05 57
  • V 1.33
  • B-V -0.24
  • Spectral Type B0.5IV

Acrux is the 13th brightest star in the sky.


“gamma of Crux”

Other Names

  • Gamma Crucis
  • HR 4763
  • HD 108903


  • RA 12 31 09.9
  • Dec -57 06 48
  • V 1.63
  • B-V +1.59
  • Spectral Type M3.5III

Gacrux is the 23rd brightest star in the sky.

  • Abbreviation: Cru
  • Genitive: Crucis
  • Translation: The Southern Cross