Using the I Ching as an Instrument of Healing

Ely Britto
Writer –  I Ching – A New Point of View
published in 1993 by Cultrix Brasil
Inner Taoist Alchenmy Sênior Instrutor
Healing Tao Foundation

The book of Change – I Ching is one of the oldest in the world. Some laymen believe the I Ching is one of these books “to guess the future”. How far from this childish and primary vision of Chinese Wisdom lies the treasures that this book contains! His deep and comprehensive philosophy deals with the language of nature, the primordial model of organic patterns that act as laws that generate life and change. Life is change, there is no change, there is only change. Change creates and destroys everything between heaven and earth.

Nature has laws that regulate life. Observing the standard of these laws the sages of antiquity built the I Ching. They observed the movement of the sun, moon, the course of the seasons, birth and death of living beings and thus created this binary graphic language composed of two lines: one Yin open to another Yang closed, one in motion and the other at rest. One obscure and the other luminous. These lines merging into a perfect mathematical progression generate a hexagram, six lines. Combining in a perfect mathematical progression, these lines form 64 hexagram or 64 possible combinations. Everything that happens and lives between earth and heaven can be understood by reading this simple and perfect map of change.

What differs I Ching from any other map is that it warns us, points out solutions, teaches ways, broadens our conception of the world, teaches us the paths of wisdom, living a full life in harmony with nature. Many people who already know and use the book for consultations ignore the healing power it provides. This article intends to present a simple and efficient way to use I Ching as a healing tool.

According to Chinese philosophy, to be sick is to be dissociated from the harmonious organic patterns that create life, nature, and man. It is to resist the flow of the changes that generates life. To be sick is to have blocked the flow of corporeal, mental and emotional energies. Within this view, the modern man being so separated from the natural processes is a sick man – sick at all three levels, mental, bodily and emotional. The severity of this disease depends on the depth with which this separation affects each of us. All psychological, emotional, and bodily diseases are framed in this same primal cause. To heal is to re-establish a flow of the primordial Chi energy. It is to restore again harmony with nature, to return to life. Even diseases such as cancer happen for this very reason; although in such serious cases, blockage and separation reach really alarming levels, almost always leading to death. According to the Chinese Medicine, any disease, even the serious or terminal ones, can be cured. It is only necessary to understand  the natural laws of change and return to them.

Thus, let us learn how to use this wonderful book as preventive medicine, as a healer.

To Heal Emotions:

The worst sickness of the soul is attachment to our desires and the will to possess: things, people, wealth and status. Hidden behind our unhappiness are our problems with life, people and attachment. Courage to challenge our desires and preferences is the quality to heal our emotions. In order to cure ourselves from this disease ask a simple question to the I Ching: how to transform this feeling? The hexagram and the changing lines will show us where these desires and attachments are hidden and what we must do to transform them.

 To heal the mind:

Beliefs are the worst sickness of the mind. The opinions we cultivate like ours, without ever asking ourselves where they come from and where we learned to accept it. These beliefs shape the way we perceive reality. In order to heal we must challenge this pattern and replace it with a more harmonious and organic one. The quality necessary to heal the mind is to be sincere toward ourselves. We can begin this great task by asking the I Ching a simple question when we feel inadequate: what is wrong with me? The hexagrams and moving lines will map these beliefs and tell us which ones are in harmony or not, and will guide us through the judgment: “good fortune,” “no fault” or “success”; or give a good advice when we get “misfortune, ” “do not act like this” or “humiliation”. In order to heal emotions one has to identify positive and negative beliefs, follow the positive ones and avoid the negative.

To Heal Our Body:

The worst illness of the body is the negative thoughts and feelings that we feed in our day to day life. So, we should take care of the body after we take care of the mind and the emotional field. Then we can worry about the evils that manifest in the body. The other illness of the body is habits, customs and poor diet. The quality necessary to heal our body is discipline. In order to heal ourselves we should ask the I Ching: how to keep my body healthy? The moving lines and hexagrams will point out the habits needed to be modified and we must use our discipline to turn them into healthy and natural habits.

When these three levels are well cared for, we will be healthy , happy, and in harmony with natural processes. We will enter the flow of change and, whoever change, will not be ill, will have a long, simple and interesting life. Health is harmony between mental, emotional and physical levels, the natural processes that regulate life.

This is the simple and efficient way of using I Ching as a healing tool. You will know when you are fully healed. Healing reawakens us to love, to life and to natural happiness.


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